Thursday, August 4, 2011

Windows Media Player + Madonna

I decided to really get down & clean. All those places that normally gets skipped when you "clean". Like the shelf that holds all the CD's & cords by the computer in the dining room for one. So when I clean I LOVE listening to music! I LOVE the CD by Madonna, Erotica. Released in 1992. If memory serves me correct I believe Retha or Steve & his wife gave this to me for Christmas. They sure got their moneys worth I'll tell ya. I didn't have a CD player in my car at the time, but I would crank it up on the CD player & clean til my heart was content. Anytime I would put this CD on, Steph would ask "Who is coming over?" lol She knew it meant I was going to clean. When I bought my new car in '07 it has a CD player & this CD was one of the first that got played. I would sing to my tone deaf ears as loud as I could. Because of course I'd have the volume up loud with no kids in the car to complain & be in heaven, I couldn't hear myself singing after all. So when I got my m3p player way back when I had this CD transferred onto that. Now that I recently got an iphone I am going to have Chris transfer the CD (which is still in my car btw) onto my ipod on my phone soon.

Today I plugged in my m3p player on my laptop, since I was to lazy to walk to the car & get the cd. I have listened to this CD probably at least 3 times already & I never get tired of it! Good thing Logan has stayed in his room or Steph's & hasn't commented on my terrible singing. Steph is gone so no comments from her either & I've been singing all day long.



hey missi!
as far as getting an {almost} thirteen year old boy to read i can try to help! what are his interests? that would help me a little bit, but one book that has been amazing no matter if you are a boy or girl is "the hunger games" by suzanne collins. i never thought it was a book that so many would LOVE, but it is amazing! and, they are coming out with a movie in the fall. look it up and see if it is something that your son would like, if not, let me know what he is into and i will try and find a book he won't be able to put down!

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