Sunday, August 28, 2011

It was negative!

Right before I went to bed Friday night my throat was starting to hurt a little. Nothing major but annoying. I didn't sleep well that night at all & woke up Saturday morning to my throat on FIRE!! I didn't want to go all weekend feeling like that so I decided a trip to the walk in clinic that accepts our insurance was the best decision. They did a strep swab test & let me tell ya I don't like those things at all. They always have to use one of those wooden things to hold your tongue down. Well as they swab it I gag to the point of almost throwing up. It's bad!! The nurse said "Wow, you didn't like that did you?" I wanted to say "What makes you think that?" But I was to busy coughing & gagging still to talk, which is why I think he decided to sass me. I really don't think he was sassing me, but still, sheesh, ya think?

So anyways the swab test came back negative. The doctor said many of them have been so they went ahead & it sent it in for a culture. Also lots of cases of strep in the 6 to 8 range. Since I am at the school & get to touch all the cards it's very possible that could be it.

However I think it's just very bad allergies & was turning into a sinus infection which has been to known to happen to me more than once. My throat felt like drainage however she said it wasn't, but it was very red & inflamed. I take allergy meds & just recently switched from the Walmart generic Clartin D to the Walgreens generic. The doctor gave me a prescription for allergy meds & those pills looks totally different than the last 2 boxes I took. So who knows!! I did decide to fill & take the antibiotics. Either the strep will come back positive or it will turn into a sinus infection (if not already). So I should be covered (hopefully).



I'm glad your feeling better.


You're doing a much better job at keeping your 365 up to date than I am. I keep taking pictures, but just don't sit down long enough to put them on the blog. Never should have let it get that far behind. :-( Lesson learned.

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