Saturday, November 19, 2011

Logan injury

I got up this morning & asked Logan to get the newspaper. Silly kid didn't put any shoes/socks on. He stepped on one of the trees seeds (or sticky balls as we call them). Sweetgum tree is the name of the tree. Once he stepped barefoot on it he fell, caught himself with his hands, but managed to scrape the end of his big toe.
As I was trying to put a band-aid on it I asked him how he managed to get all the hard to bandage injuries. He had nothing for me. **update, Monday he wore his shoes to school, but rubbed the scab off & wore flip flops for a couple hours. Tuesday he opted for flip flops all day at school, someone at lunch accidently kicked it & caused more pain. I think he's thankful for the Thanksgiving break. Photo from day 2.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No glasses

The kids annual eye exam was yesterday. Stephanie decided to try out contacts. When I got up this morning (early to wake her up so she'd have time to get her contacts in) she was already up & in the living room. Sitting on the couch with the table in front of her & the full length mirror from her room propped up against that. I asked her what she was doing. She told me the left contact went in first try, but that she got tired of standing up. The right one proved to be a bit tricky. She finally got them both in.