Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What we found

On the way home from picking Logan up from school I noticed something in the road. After I was past it I realized it was a knife. After Steph got home we headed to go to her dermatologist appointment & I went that way so both of us could look for it (she saw it driving home also). We couldn't find it & decided to look one more time on the way home. We saw it & stopped to get it off the road. Wonder how it got into the middle of a road?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It was negative!

Right before I went to bed Friday night my throat was starting to hurt a little. Nothing major but annoying. I didn't sleep well that night at all & woke up Saturday morning to my throat on FIRE!! I didn't want to go all weekend feeling like that so I decided a trip to the walk in clinic that accepts our insurance was the best decision. They did a strep swab test & let me tell ya I don't like those things at all. They always have to use one of those wooden things to hold your tongue down. Well as they swab it I gag to the point of almost throwing up. It's bad!! The nurse said "Wow, you didn't like that did you?" I wanted to say "What makes you think that?" But I was to busy coughing & gagging still to talk, which is why I think he decided to sass me. I really don't think he was sassing me, but still, sheesh, ya think?

So anyways the swab test came back negative. The doctor said many of them have been so they went ahead & it sent it in for a culture. Also lots of cases of strep in the 6 to 8 range. Since I am at the school & get to touch all the cards it's very possible that could be it.

However I think it's just very bad allergies & was turning into a sinus infection which has been to known to happen to me more than once. My throat felt like drainage however she said it wasn't, but it was very red & inflamed. I take allergy meds & just recently switched from the Walmart generic Clartin D to the Walgreens generic. The doctor gave me a prescription for allergy meds & those pills looks totally different than the last 2 boxes I took. So who knows!! I did decide to fill & take the antibiotics. Either the strep will come back positive or it will turn into a sinus infection (if not already). So I should be covered (hopefully).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scrapbook viewing

Logan has always loved looking at the completed scrapbook albums. He also loves looking back at his school yearbooks too. One is usually always out open in the living room floor. Since he was in bed when I finished up the album I showed it to him (both kids) real quick this morning before I left for work. Tonight I noticed him looking at it closer & reading all the journaling. Sorry the photo is a tad blurry (iphone & bad lighting in our living room plus I zoomed in on him some).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

so many papers...

The day I got home from CKC in Tulsa in the mail waiting on me was my monthly scrapbook kit. I have been waiting for this kit to arrive so I could get it done & decide what beach vacation photos to use on the kits (2 monthly kits were vacation themed). Then take all my beachy scrapbook papers & embellishments & get my layouts planned out. My goal was to get my whole album finished by Friday. A co-worker of mine is moving to California & has been asking to see my vacation photos. I wasn't sure if I could accomplish it or not. Especially since I have apparently have so many pretty papers. Choosing layouts was difficult, but I managed thru all the decisions & actually finished up the whole 23 pages on Wed. night.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I look forward to this day every year. It's the big scrapbook convention that is a scrapbookers heaven held in Tulsa. Also fun is meeting up in person with some of the scrapbooking ladies I am friends with online. We only get to see each other a couple times (if that) a year so I always look forward to it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Today is my dads birthday, but he'll always be Daddy to me. Happy Birthday Daddy we love you today & forever.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Only 1 more & 5 more

As I was thinking about these photos I snapped this morning. It dawned on me that I only have 1 more First Day of school photo to take of Stephanie & only 5 more of Logan. I can't believe the time has flown by so fast. Every first day of school picture has been taken by the trees in our front yard except for Steph's kindergarten photo.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Mom

Went over to my parents house today since my dad's birthday is tomorrow. Decided to snap a couple photos of them since it seems like I don't have many.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Shoes

Here is the cutest little pair of baby shoes I found today shopping for a friends new baby. Had to share.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Locker Time @ Open House

Logan got to go pick up his schedule, choose his locker, meet his homeroom teacher (which we were told by more than one person that Mr. Rambo is great), & purchase his planner/gym clothes tonight. They place the kids on teams & he is on the Panthers Team this year. So he got to choose any locker with a green tag. He was tall enough this year to choose a top locker. The combinations were on the back of the tag & he tried it out & had it open & shut before I could even get my phone out & the camera up to take a photo. He turned it in & it was recorded as his locker & then we went back for his Mama-razzi to get a photo.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dentist checkup

The kids had their 6 month dentist check up today. Last time we had some issues to work on. Steph has always had problems with tartar buildup & her teeth not looking really white. Although she has never had a cavity. She has had to have 2 baby teeth pulled because the permanent teeth wouldn't push them out. She has had a slight touch of gingivitis for a couple years. Last check up it had gotten a lot worse. They wanted to switch her to every 3 month cleanings. I said to wait for this check up & we would decide. I saw a commerical on tv about *Crest Clinical reversing the effects of gingivitis in 4 weeks. So we tried it & it worked! Her teeth is MUCH better the dental hygienist said. She has a couple problems areas to brush better but said to keep up with what we were using. Gotta love Crest Clinical!!

*Crest didn't reimburse me for this post! All opinions are my own.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Windows Media Player + Madonna

I decided to really get down & clean. All those places that normally gets skipped when you "clean". Like the shelf that holds all the CD's & cords by the computer in the dining room for one. So when I clean I LOVE listening to music! I LOVE the CD by Madonna, Erotica. Released in 1992. If memory serves me correct I believe Retha or Steve & his wife gave this to me for Christmas. They sure got their moneys worth I'll tell ya. I didn't have a CD player in my car at the time, but I would crank it up on the CD player & clean til my heart was content. Anytime I would put this CD on, Steph would ask "Who is coming over?" lol She knew it meant I was going to clean. When I bought my new car in '07 it has a CD player & this CD was one of the first that got played. I would sing to my tone deaf ears as loud as I could. Because of course I'd have the volume up loud with no kids in the car to complain & be in heaven, I couldn't hear myself singing after all. So when I got my m3p player way back when I had this CD transferred onto that. Now that I recently got an iphone I am going to have Chris transfer the CD (which is still in my car btw) onto my ipod on my phone soon.

Today I plugged in my m3p player on my laptop, since I was to lazy to walk to the car & get the cd. I have listened to this CD probably at least 3 times already & I never get tired of it! Good thing Logan has stayed in his room or Steph's & hasn't commented on my terrible singing. Steph is gone so no comments from her either & I've been singing all day long.