Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is it a ghost or hurricane?

Chris & I were woken up this morning with a thud sound, over & over. Chris got up & went into Logans room to find out what was going on. I knew something was up when I heard Chris say "What in the world happened Logan?" Logan was clueless as to why his dresser was laying face down (drawers down) on the floor right in front of his bedroom door. Door would only open a foot or so before hitting dresser (the thuds we heard). We weren't sure what happened & no one, including Logan, heard the dresser fall over. Chris turns it sideways against the wall when he stands it back up.

About 30 minutes after Logan goes to bed tonight we hear a thumping sound coming from his room. We go in to find the likely cause of how the dresser got pushed over. So instead of leaving it to get kicked all night we move it into the middle of his floor, far away from his apparently very strong feet.

Reminds me of the time I was small & had a cold & being on the top bunk I was coughing really bad. So my parents (with me in bed sleeping only like a child can) move my bed off my sisters & place beside hers in the floor. I wake up following morning & sling my leg over & foot hits a dresser (actually floor). I sling my body down & fall into floor. I run screaming, terrified into my parents room & tell them a hurricane hit.

You'd think as much as Logan likes weather he'd be the one saying hurricane, but I guess he knows what a hurricane is so he insists on a ghost.


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