Friday, April 29, 2011

How I spent my afternoon

Came home this afternoon to find a bill from Mercy. We shouldn't be getting a bill from Mercy, because Steph's appt a few weeks ago was because a knot came up under the skin & it turned out to be a swollen lymph node. Twisted ankle that was giving her issues & a chicken pox booster was on the list to be talked about too. I would assume this would be considered covered, but who knows. So I spend my afternoon (time between getting off work & picking kids up from school & then after I get home) on the phone w/ the insurance comp. It is covered, fyi. The clinic coded the claim wrong. They put it in as Steph being age 3-4. So even though the insurance comp. has her birthdate (therefore age) they won't change it & pay it. I have to call Mercy billing & get no where (no answer). Finally I do get ahold of a real person when I get home from picking up kids only to be told they'll investigate, but I'm not on the account to talk to so she can't tell me anything. I explained I had filled out a form filled out, but it wasn't in their system. Besides I've talked to them before about the account billings. I was just happy to get a live person that I didn't argue & asked how I could get on the system to talk to them. Funny thing is I am the one that always pays these bills to them, but I can't "talk" to them about it, especially when I have before. Oh well they are to be mailing us something for Chris to sign & mail back to them. By the time that is all done, I bet I'll have gotten the papers from the ins. comp. showing where it was paid & hopefully I won't have to call them back.


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