Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The missing tv remote!!

I am not really sure what the deal is with this remote. It's the remote to our tv in the bedroom & for the life of us we can not keep up with the silly thing. No big deal except that you can't watch tv unless you have this remote. I tend to DVR things on TV 2 (bedroom tv) & watch later on TV 1 (living room tv). We have to have this remote to also DVR something on TV 2. Most DVR timers are set up but of course I needed it to set the timer for Survivor which came on Wed. Why not just DVR on TV 1 you ask? Well that was because the Americas Got Talent finale was DVRing on TV 1. This remote has been lost for over a year before & Chris found it lodged between the night stand & bed on his side. Over the summer Logan was in there watching TV & a couple days later I notice the remote MIA again. Chris, Logan & I looked all over for it. Granted our bedroom is the catch all & cluttered, but still you'd think it'd be found fairly easy since it just went missing. We gave up & I decided to look for it again & guess what? It was in plain sight under the bed. Craziest thing ever because we had all looked there before (more than once).


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